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Sunday, February 22, 2009

wayward education!

Political pestilence has again intercepted developmental process in Bengal, this time Bengal Engineering & Science University of shibpur is on the hit list. The Ministry of Human Resources Development of the Government of India proposed that, it would elevate the 150 year old prestigious technical institute of the country to the status of an Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (IIEST), as proposed by both the S.K. Joshi & Anandakrishnan committee. Buddhadeb Bhattacharya has promptly tried to grant permission from the Central Govt. for this purpose. The Human Resources Development expressed their suspicion about competency of the administration of BESU by taking into account the last instances of skirmish in the university campus. All of us are more or less aware about the ongoing discontent that took place in the BESU in several times since the year 2005…assault in the campus, bolted educational process, ragging, political concussion…one after another!

I’m not here to state the same information we got to see on TV channel or in newspapers, my endeavor is to pen down my take on the issue. We had to loose the Nano project because of the very state of fretting political condition of Bengal…& now BESU has became another strongest competitor who could make itself into this majestic list, as another example of political enmity. A major part of the present administrator of BESU is the supporter of the ruler party of Bengal, where as almost 75% working teachers are against the state Govt. Therefore it is alleged that often the teachers used the students against the administrators to vent their spleen.

Buddhadeb Bhattacharya tried all possible measures last year to make the International Film Festival successful, when intellectuals of the city started series of protest against violence in Nandigram & banned the festival to show their confrontation against the State Govt. At that time we have seen Bhattacharya’s Govt. in paramount action to uphold the culture & heritage of Bengal in international forum. But why they weren’t as active in the case of BESU?

No question can be raised on the quality of education that BESU provides in the field of Science & Engineering…but if BESU wouldn’t be able to acquire the status if IIEST, whose fault it would be? The university authority? The students? The teachers? The opposition party? Or, the ruling party? History says students’ politics has been the obstacle in education at college or university level…politicians has always used perseverance of students in their interest…& we were always at the receiving end! Was not it our Govt.’s responsibility to resist the disorder that took place the university campus of BESU in the past few years? For a university that is among the first ranking Engineering colleges of the nations, such complain of indiscipline is appalling for all of us.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

political hindrance

Their social & political morality now has shifted from the rights of am janata to pollution! In the last epidemic in Singur they cried for justice of the local farmers…in the latest hurly-burly regarding two wheeler auto bans they were again against LPG autos & puffed up the issue of air pollution. But now with general election is round the corner, our very own dearest Mamata Banerjee is again in action & this time the proposed chemical hub in Nayachar is on her hit list. At last this chemical Hub made the impossible thing possible…it has turned Ms. Banerjee ,the ‘liberator of working class’ into ‘environment friendly’!

Such unscrupulously self seeking metamorphic political ideology is the sole reason of consumptive development of Bengal. This never ending conflict between the state Govt. & the opposition party to secure their vote bank is incarcerating the pace of development. Ms. Banerjee’s protest rally has stopped the expedition against two stroke autos. On top of everything, the scar of Tata Motors is still alive.

It has been claimed by Trinamool Congress party that the proposed Chemical Hub in Nayachar would confiscate earning of more than five lakh fisher men reside in South Bengal & the chemicals of that very Hub would make the water polluted, where as Govt. Officials said that very few fisher families dwell in the main proposed land. But that doesn’t make any difference for the oppositions.

They have decided to create encumbrance to the imminent endeavour of industrial development in Bengal all over again. This will give fuel to increasing number of unemployment in the state. On one side economic melt down & on the other hand political divergence…Bengal is going through hard times!!

Saturday, February 7, 2009

stark reality...

The most extolled film of the year…the Golden Globe award winner & Oscar nominated ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ made me feel perturbed & affronted!

The story of a slum dog to become millionaire overnight was inspirational enough, but Mr. Danny Boyle used the ominous side of India with dexterity to grab the critic’s eye ball…which I personally don’t support.

Here in India at least people have slums for accommodation, where as in USA, people stand beside the road for help with a placard in hand,’ homeless’ written on it. Every country built high rise buildings over the ashes of poor & distressed people…we are not an exception! We don’t have enough money, but we don’t cheat people in the name of ‘Mineral water’. It was loathsome where the child protagonist was beaten by police & told the American couple that it’s the face of ‘Real India’…then the Americans gave him a dollar as compensation, to give the boy an idea about ‘REAL USA’! How many Indians support with this? In fact, I think Iran or Afghanistan could depict the ‘REAL’ picture of America in a more ‘REAL’ manner!

Child labor, prostitution, slums, unhygienic society, indigence, poverty… everything is true indeed, but the way this has been used in this film to lure audience abroad was wrong. They knew critics would love this backward face of India instead of the developed side which we have achieved within only 62 years of independence! Perhaps this is the reason why Taree Zamin Par couldn’t win the Oscar, since dyslexia is nourished by richer countries like UK & USA & here we fed up disease like Polio or malnutrition & critics wanted to see that ‘REAL’ face of India!!

This film is a filthy way to show where we stand. Life here isn’t as magnificent as its been depicted in Yash Raj or Karan Johar movies…I agree; but I somberly disagree with the way our futility was used by this British Film maker.