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Sunday, June 28, 2009

A boon or an imprecation?

We are planning to upgrade ourselves to the standard of developed nations…stupefied?? Don’t be! No…we are not making any modern centralized security force; neither is we making any special commission to fight terrorist activities in domestic arena. We are instead planning to develop our education system by scraping the 10th board exam…thanks to honorable minister Kapil Sibal.

There is no need to increase the sluggish 1.5% literacy rate in India, there is no need to ensure daily livelihood for the children live below poverty line to enable them to access education, there is no need to reinforce Sarva Sikhshya Aviyan…but we need to remove board exam in 10th standard to reduce hassle of the children & parents. I agree that talent & knowledge can’t be evaluated on the basis of examinations; there could be new possible assessment process like other developed nations. But at a time when outflow of knowledge has been positioned as one of the most critical problem in India, we should take up some stringent measures to upgrade the whole education structure of the nation.

Every year the immense difference of overall result in 10th & 12th board exam prove beyond doubt the disparity of evaluation structure of different boards. Every year number of student flies out of India & become green card holder to serve the developed nations, only because here they can’t get good returns of their investments! Can all these trends be stopped by removing exam in 10th grade?

But at the same time examinations phobia of children should be removed. I believe some new assessment procedures should be introduced, but before that we need to make sure that it won’t decrease qualitative quotient of the future builders of the country. Moreover, there are many other problems related to education system that need to be addressed. Why don’t administration lay importance on that?