My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Long Live 'Bandh'

There is a feasible way available these days for political parties to show off their dominance over am janata… the way is quite simple, first they need to randomly select one of the burning contemporary issues, then call a ‘strike’ & on the D day harass as much people as they can to show off muscle power…and the popularity of that political party can be measured by the amount of dread they spread amongst their potential voters at the end of the ‘successful bandh’.

And you think only Rakhi Sawant is craving for publicity, eh?

They say it’s for ‘US’! They are concerned about you & me…they are worried about our pocket which is affected by the ongoing price hike…they are concerned about our future…that’s why they are not ashamed of harassing people who dare to come out of their houses to reach their places of work for their living…they aren’t ashamed of holding back a doctor from attending his dying patient at the operation theatre…and yes they are our leaders!!

If you & I can successfully go to work without fear, on the ‘Unofficial Holidays of India’ then that’s certainly a matter of disgrace for the political parties. Rather we should show our respect to the political goons by staying home on weekdays…forget about our right to work and forget about those people who work on daily wage basis… they can surely adjust one or more days in a month without their share of meal…after all these strikes are for our prosperity!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Democracy under threat

In author’s words ‘It’s the best of times. It’s the worst of times’…on one front India is emerging as unyielding economy, playing its own card in international forums, becoming potential player in world power game; while other side of the picture is sheer disgraceful. Time and again different political parties took up charge (if not for our development) to gag media, if any channel or newspaper dares to criticize their acts. IBN Lokmat office in Mumbai & Pune was not the first instance where journalists had to face vandalism…history says media has always been the soft target.

The country which is widening its horizon by giving acquiescence to transsexuals, where civil society becomes vocal after Mumbai terror attack & shown remarkable protest against the authority, incidents like this where political goons attack media personnel, denuded internal incompetence of political structure of India. Several times before IBN incident media has been attacked…why Govt. has not taken any stern steps? How can the political thugs just enter into an office & destroy everything? Where was the police?

You might play the same old card by proclaiming that media sensationalize issues, media doesn’t play neutral game and so on…I say, you need to hold on there. If I take side of any political party, if I give hype to any issues for commercial gain…does that empower you to stifle my voice?

We can’t question the authority, we can’t criticize any political party, we can’t do our job and we can’t ask for security…no matter what ever is written in our constitution regarding freedom of speech & expression, if we are in media…sorry, we are not allowed to use our constitutional rights. Right??

Friday, November 6, 2009


Do you believe in fairy tales? Do you believe when life will get tougher, everything will get out of control, when you will find yourself confined into a room full of gloom; someone will come to show you the way?

Do you believe you are Pretty Woman Vivian (Julia Roberts) who is waiting for her Richard Gere? As we grow up & entangled into the complexities of real world, fairy tales take a back seat…it’s hard for prisoners of 21
st century’s who are surrounded by walls of ferocity, treachery and aversion, to wait for a light of hope at the end of the tunnel…when devil takes charge of the world, dewfall replaced by volcanic eruption, anticipation for the prince with magic wind becomes mere farcical.

But there is a girl I know…who loves to believe her prince will come at the end of the world to fight with all sinister power and rescue her. Many times she has been mistaken her savior with demon in disguise…who shattered her dreams, her pride, her principles, her respect…love makes her bleed every time…but she still hopes for someone who will remove every obstacle in her way, who will make all her dreams come true…who will embrace her, who will give her a kiss to heal. So what if the devil up there is actually in charge of the steering wheel of life…she is reluctant to leave her dreamland. She hides her hopes underneath her arrogance, she hides her love underneath her hoarseness, she hides her fragility underneath her egotism…and like a caterpillar, she is waiting for someone who will help her to spread her wings to fly high up to the sky, behind the stars in a land called her own ‘fantasy land’!

Just to clarify, the girl is not insane…she is as real as we are…perhaps we all have someone like her deep down in our heart…who loves to believe life is nothing but a fairy tale. No matter how sensible, practical, strong we are…we all want to be the Cinderella in the end!

Storybook endings, fairy tales coming true
Deep down inside we want to believe they still do
In our secretest heart, it's our favourite part of the story
Let's just admit we all want to make it too….(by Carrie Underwood)