My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Way to Salvation

She walked down the beach. The web of enchantment spread by the moon drenched in enticing aroma of the ocean filled up her senses. Every step she took towards the deep sea seemed like her walk towards death which extended its arms to beset her with sanctity. She felt tranquility inside her soul when the wave came to kiss her feet to welcome her to the door to paradise. She took a deep long breath…stretched her hand wide to touch the air. A sudden breeze came with healing touch & everything became blurred… she was familiar with the smell drifting around her …it was of him!!

Lost count of time, she didn’t know when he came behind her. She wanted to turn back to look into his eyes but feeling of debility creep into her. No one utter a single word, only sound of waves remained. How she wished for the distance between them to be reduced. How she wished to turn around & hold him close to her soul to make him listen to the thump of her heart…to plead him to remove the ‘musk’ at least for once…to be ‘true’ for the last time.

He slowly divulged his best card with dexterity to devour her in his demise love…he came closer …and whispered in her ear ‘…Let me be your hero…’ His warm breath on her neck, his hand around her waste, touch of his lips on her earlobe…she was sentenced to eternal damnation!

She had to find her way to escape from the castle he built on lie…gathered last bit of strength to free herself from the embrace of hell. She took her steps forward…no matter how much she craved, she didn’t look back…for she knew her inability to pretend would make her fragile in front of him. She found herself in the midst of cross road…life long confinement in the maze of swindle or imperishable salvation.

She was left with unfathomable ripple in front of her…

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Ignited Faith

Sin clasped my spirit. I struggled, I cried, I put together all my strength to shout out loud to say ‘Set me Free’…but it seemed like one of those dreams where I had no voice of my own. I was fettered. Beckoning of the ray of glory at the end of the tunnel was impossible to resist. The illumination dazed my eyes…trapped in sin I thought it was nothing but an illusion, schemed by the evil to kill my soul forever. I tried to turn away to make myself realize that I could never go out of the tunnel, there is no hope at the end & better I should give up now, because its better to be defeated by the evil instead of end up the whole Life…I wanted to live more than anything else and if that was the only way left for my survival I thought it was better to accept that instead of hunt for the light that would never come.

I was tired of fighting with my destiny. For the last time I gathered all my belief to pray to the unseen almighty, if there anything exist at all…this time not to ask for a change but to provide me enough power to let me learn how to survive in a death trap. But as time was hauling up its trap to devour me with transgression, I felt the glory coming out from the end of the tunnel was slowly started to ignite the circumstance around me…it left me baffled. It’s perhaps easier to be a disciple of incredulity than an ardent follower of Trust. There fore when music of life entered into the tunnel & filled my mind with splendor & freed me of the shackles of sin, I thought this was no real & as soon as I will open up my eyes everything will be as filthy as it was before.

But He turns up at the end of the road. It was hard to regain my faith…but He made it even harder to turn my back to Him. There was endless fight inside me…it was tough to believe that He made me free of all the evil spirit & I had Him right there beside me to show me the way. I couldn’t even realize when He made me to shed off the burden of disbelief.

He filled my heart with bliss. I got the power to fly without wings…one touch of his magic wind healed all my wounds…He took me to the doorway to Nirvana. When I turned to look back to the world I left behind, I found its power to scare me was not there any more…I had 'Him' beside me…forever!