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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Surname under the scanner...

I have never started an independence day in my life with so much feeling of fury. Its humiliating, its disgusting…how can they detain SRK for 2 hours on the ground of his last name? In a country where its own weekly magazine News week named him one of the most 50 powerful people of the world, suddenly totally forgot the global icon? We have enough of this Americanish security system…we know how important is this to maintain the protocols, but their Govt. should realize where to put the full stop! You just cannot put a whole religion behind the bars because of some particular religious groups. How in humanitarian is this? A personality like Shahrukh Khan who was honoured with an honorary doctorate in arts and culture from Britain's University of Bedfordshire, has been detained for questioning, is something shocking for every Indian over the nation. Let’s forget about SRK’s star status…the whole thing still would be disgusting for every Indian.

I totally agree with our honorable I & B minister Ambika Soni who thinks we should treat Americans with their own medicine. No country should be given any right to frisk any body just on the basis of his religion. And look at the irony…SRK’s upcoming film which is already much in news because of the shahrukh, kajol & Kjo trio…is a joint venture of star India & ‘Twentieth Century Fox’ which is interestingly a major American film studio & the more fascinating fact is, the film is on a Muslim & his journey across America!! Hmm…I think Karan Johar should prepare a special promotional plan for the film in USA, with SRK’s detail CV & character certificate…what say? If they can detain a person on the ground of his last name…here the title of the film contains ‘Khan’…I wonder what will be their reaction to the entire film?

On 62nd Independence Day such disgraceful incident shows the existence of racism. It’s utterly shameful. I’m all about security system, I’m all about protocols & I understand how much important is all these to combat any terror attack but it’s not at all permissible to harass a person just on the basis on his religion.