My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Conspiracy of love

Last night you woke me up. Why did you swathe your smell with the gust? I know it was ‘you’ who instructed it to play with my hair just the way you used to do. I know it was ‘you’ who instructed it to bind me with excessive indulgence just the way you used to do. I know ‘you’ are the intriguer!

Still intoxicated with the intense pain I went up to shut the window…but you, the swindler, trained the breeze to remind me of all the words you sang to me on that moonlit night. You made sound of the wind to reverberate every word you said to me which I thought was lost with resonance of life. I drew a veil over my thoughts, locked them into the deep dark room of my heart & shut the window glass.

But you were not ready to accept defeat. You used darkness of the room to clasp me tight & to make me suffer in your thought. You scraped my heart & made me bleed once again.

I wanted to put on the light & screw your conspiracy…but one part of me still wanted to feel the pain of yours!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Devil's Touch

I screamed for help. I could not bear the suffocating dark & unendurable silence creeping over me. There was not a single ray of light. I was too scared to make a move. I hoped for someone to blow his magic wind to help me to get my way to life.

My voice clogged…I couldn’t stand up to take a step forward. Right then I felt he was there…I felt my blood warming up. I could hear ‘Thud Thud’ of my heart. He was leaning forward me. His smell dazzled me. He held my face up between his freezing hands. Only that moment I realized I was actually trembling in fear.

Few drops of hot stream run out of my eyes & start rolling down my cheek…I couldn’t utter a word. I listened to the sound of his breathing. I felt his face was just inches from mine. He was scared too! He slowly rested his head over my frail shoulder. And as I tried to hold his hand, suddenly he pulled himself back. I could feel him flinching. I had no power to make him stop. Time went by…I couldn’t hear his sound. I searched for his smell…he was gone!

I sat in dark… left alone to fight with my vulnerability.

And that was it. I woke up from my nightmare. But my heart was still running at faster rate. I wiped out the water drops appeared at my temple. I sighed, it was just a dream!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The silent revolution

They say you can’t get commercial success if your film deals with socio political climate of the time. Your film will be tagged as ‘Parallel Film’ & will be out of the race of ‘Mainstream Film’. They say, to earn profit, make ‘popular film’ & if your film deals with a serious content you will get only ‘Awards’ instead of ‘moolah’! But today when I walked out of the New Empire cinema hall I realized why Ingmar Bergman said, ‘No form of art goes beyond ordinary consciousness as film does, straight to our emotions, deep into the twilight room of the soul.’

Being a media student, I used to think why critics tagged films like ‘Pather panchali’ or ‘Ajantrik’ parallel film or art film. I could not understand the conflict between art & business. Why can’t we experiment with new ideas & earn profit as well? Why do we have to treat our audience as ‘dumb’ to win their heart? I couldn’t understand the conflict between entertainment & education (while being the most powerful mass medium, the primary function of Film is ‘to educate’).

Today I got my answer with 3 Idiots. Jam-packed Entertainment, stat value, splendid cinematography, exclusive treatment, wonderful plot, out-of-the-box concept and successful marketing- the film has it all. It won’t be a hyperbole statement if I say this film is a ‘path breaking film’ of our time. I can hardly remember any other film of a decade to earn as much box office success as 3 Idiots does while dealing with a social topic.

The film is perhaps answer to those cynics who burst into loud lamentation with films like Dostana or Dev D, who think modern films are the main reason of ‘youth dilapidation’. The film is perhaps answer to those directors who think people come to watch their film only to relax at AC halls, to have popcorn & cola & have their share of peek into heroines cleavage, so there is no point to bore them with nonsense intelligent films.

But Raju Hirani proved we can deliver the ‘message’ incorporated with wholesome entertainment to the masses without compromising on ‘business’. If the trend continues, it will not be wrong saying that the day is not so far when the whole Indian Film Industry might say ‘All Izz Well’!!!