My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Forbidden Passion

My heart beat wildly as I could feel his icy cold breathe on my cheek. A feeling of dread pulled at me. I tried in vain to lie at bed as motionless as possible, but perhaps he heard my heart beat on which I had no control of. I could feel his eyes on me. I could feel enticing smell of his body in the room. I could feel movement of his fingers on his hair as mischievous cold breeze tried to ruffle them. I felt envy of the wind!

I knew he wouldn't be there for long. One part of me wanted to hold him there forever, wanted to feel warmth of his lips. While on the other front, I was afraid to surrender. I knew if I chose to take a step forward there will be no coming back for me ever. I always waited for the one who would come with his magic wind to wake me up from my endless dream. But destiny sent him for me. I was afraid this was not my fairy tale.

Every time he looked at me, my heart froze. Every time he came close, I could not help but ask for more. With him around, time stopped running for me. There was something in his eyes which compelled me to follow my heart without thinking about the consequences. There was something about him which I could feel was forbidden for me.

The Sun was about to rise. I could feel his dilemma. I wanted to jump from the bed, stop every possible ray of light to reach him to make him stay longer. But he had to go.

I wanted to get over of my fear for once & said aloud, ‘I want to be destroyed in your love’!