My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Jai Ho!!

The Election Gala is over…all blame game, criticism, pre result shudder came to an end only to mark the beginning of epoch making power play. For the first time the city of joy has seen sky to be covered with green flag of triumph instead of red! After series of advertisements, now it’s the time to 'Disco' for some while for other so called strong players it’s the time to 'Khisko'!! Despite of series of political dexterity, strife, coalition in & coalition out for the first time in the political history of Bengal, the so called opposition party successfully crossed 15 numbers!

The magic numbers has shown that people of Bengal certainly want a severe change…a change in employment opportunity, a change in education system & most importantly a change in governance. I personally revere our present CM Buddhadeb Bhattacharya a lot, but somehow it seems in the past few years that he is unable to deal with the pressure of Alimuddin Street! Although it is equally true that I strongly believe at present we don’t have any one better than Mr. Bhattacharya to fit in the chair of CM. But then do we really want to see someone as the head of our state who was unable to stop cadres to enter in Nandigram which resulted in the death of hundreds people? Mind you, I’m not giving any allegation to our honorable CM, it was the confession made by one senior leader of the left party on a well known regional TV news channel.

Some says it’s the victory of ‘Maa, Mati, Manush’ while other says it will hinder the growth of industrial development in Bengal…but we say, let the time speaks!

However most importantly, I’m personally happy & satisfied with the victory of UPA Govt. We actually don’t have any other better candidate than Dr. Manmohan Singh, who is apt for the diadem of PM. In a country which can better be recognized as prime ministerial form of Govt. we definitely would not like to see someone at the power who takes decisions on the basis of cast & religion.

Some of my friends have told me that Dr. Singh is not stern enough to take right decisions at the right time & some said he is nothing but an obedient follower of Sonia Gandhi. I believe this is somehow oversimplification of the whole convoluted political game. In a coalition Govt. you can’t expect him to take decision all alone, where he has to be skilled enough to harmonize between the allies. One wrong move & his Govt. will fall down! Now guys, what do you need, a permanent Central Govt. or a predominant PM?

Over all the entire poll result shows lack of faith on some old, experienced players & gaining trust on those who inspire youth & play politics without any cast or religious prejudice! Hopefully, the magic figures will be able to bring forth some positive changes in Indian economy & politics.

Fingers crossed!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Love you Maa...

10th May…for me its not another day on the calendar…it’s a day to thank the person who is most important to me…its the day to say how special the person is for me…it’s the day to show how much I care…it’s the day to tell her ‘I love you’! She is always with me in good & bad. We cry together…we laugh together. She is there all the time to hold me tight. At times when I screwed up with life, it was she who stood by me. When I fall ill it is she who says, ‘don’t worry I’m with you’. When I burst out with anger, fear or frustration it is she who endure all my perturbation. When I’m hurt by loved ones it is only she who can read my mind.

She is the only person who wants to guard me from all evil powers of the world…for her I will never grow up. She feels proud with my triumph, she feels miserable with my breakdown. With time we have become best of friends…to discuss about relationships & even MEN!

She is my guardian, my mentor, my pal, my guide…she is my mom! The most caring, lovable, protective…the best mom of the world! It was she for whom I managed to fight back when there was no reason left for me to dream or to hope. It was because of her I learned that it doesn’t matter if you fall, what matter is how you stand up after falling. She is truly my reason to live! Anybody can turn me down, anybody can leave me alone, anybody can hurt me… but I know Maa, you will always be there for me! I may never be able to say you this face to face (you know my ego problem)…but I’m sorry…sorry for whatever you had to face for me few years back…sorry for whatever you had to pay because of my mistakes…sorry I lied…sorry I messed up. I know you will forgive me sooner or later…because if nobody else, only you know how much I’m putting my efforts to make everything perfect for us.

Happy Mother’s Day!!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Revival of patriotism

" Jana gana mana rann hai. Is rann mein zakhmi hua hai Bharat ka bhaagya vidhaata"…have you heard the lyrics before? No? This is the reinterpreted version of our national hymn done by RGV for his new film ‘Rann’!! Bewildered? Aareh…our film makers are very concerned about the ongoing ‘bad situation’ on present day India baba! Why you people can’t take everything sportingly? Look at the lyrics; how thoughtfully it reflects our torment against the contemporary situation of the nation…more touching than the original version made by Tagore, isn’t it? RGV’s in depth research is palpable from this one song in the promo of Rann, thanks to 26/11 Mumbai attack!

The man has once again proved with this reinterpreted version of national anthem that he doesn’t make mindless movies, please! Look at the intensity, look at the dormant meaning of each new word he inserted in the anthem for good…we should be proud of him! But I don’t understand why some cynical journalists are creating controversy over this issue? Do we really care about our national anthem? How many of us even bother to stand up in the respect of ‘Jana gana mana’ at different occasions? Today’s children are more aware of USA or Australia’s anthem instead of their own…it’s not trendy after all! At least, Verma is making the anthem more popular! For a realistic film maker like him, this ‘remake’ anthem could provide a more ‘real’ touch to the movie.

On a more serious note, the newly inserted lyrics are true to some extent in the present situation of India…but nobody has any ‘moral right’ to reinterpret the anthem made by Rabindra Nath Tagore for any purpose. There are many other ways to put forward your opinion on contemporary issues, but using national anthem for sheer commercial purpose is unethical in every sense. Legally may be we are allowed to reinterpret the song of praise, but we should be guided by moral police in such sensitive matter.

I pity RGV! No body is going to watch his film any way…hopefully he can earn the profit through his share of controversy!

Friday, May 1, 2009

An Appeal

Bloodshed, affray, mud slinging…something will never change in west Bengal. Year after year it’s the same story. Today is the third phase of election in Bengal & as expected this years voting picture is all same (even more spiteful). But Why? My question is why can’t we vote for somebody of our choice? Why can’t we vote freely? Why there is always a halo of trepidation hangs over our head to vote for the symbol we like?

It’s intolerable to see these two big cats sizing each other every time in Bengal. These things need to come to an end. How much will we gonna take? We need something gigantic this time…big enough to rejuvenate our dying hope. This year at last I managed to get my voter id card & this is the first year I will vote. But believe me I’m a bit scared…scared to go oppose of the ruling party of my local area. I mean, it’s easy to put forward your thoughts & opinions in blogs but when it comes to real action you have to think about many other consequences.

I want a change in my city…a change in my state…a change in my country. A change doesn’t necessarily mean supporting a political party over another, that’s sheer political issue & I’m not interested to get myself involved into this prattle (believe me I’m not very good in that either). What I need is a change in the whole system…& a system includes all of us…you, me & our surrounding. If we can’t change ourselves we won’t be able to build a better future for us…for our family. When there is any bomb blast, people die…we suddenly become over active in both of our words & actions…we protest, we accuse…& then we forget, we compromise! Year after year same picture, same story, same tradition. We say 'is desh ka kuch nahin hoga' & we escape. Either we vote for a symbol we don’t support or even better we ‘don’t’ vote. This is what we do & then at time of crisis we put all our blame on the people in power.

How cliché it may sound but it’s only ‘us’ who can bring a change in the country. If you take the first step the crowd will follow you. I’ll try to get over with my fear & will vote for the party I support whatever consequence it may bring because no one can stop me to use my franchise power…what will you gonna do?