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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

When Hell Broke Loose...

A good degree in mass communication, professional integrity, press identity card are not enough to let you to use your constitutional rights to deliver news to the audience by using the public medium…at least when you are in a state like West Bengal, where a political leader called a reporter ‘Supary Killer’, where journalists of one particular news channel are not allowed to enter in any conference of that specific political party.

How these power hungry political folks can raise questions on journalistic ethics when they cannot be bothered to fulfill their roles as the nation’s leaders? The people who are not capable to fit the bill of politics as far as ideology is concerned, are here to restrict journalists from doing their job of collecting and delivering news!
News channels are not public service medium as it was in the pre independence days… audience of these mediums these days are educated enough to build up their own opinion. Channels aren’t charitable medium… their job is to provide news that are factually correct with their own interpretation & we are all well aware of this…people are exposed to a holy good number of print & electronics medium to gather news about the world, but the opinions they build up are more influenced by primary & secondary groups rather than media. No news media is politically unbiased these days…there can’t be any disagreement on that, but what they deliver are the ‘factually correct information’…and no individual or organization is empowered to restrict the flow of news under any circumstances.

My message to these politicians is: journalists are neither paid by you nor they are compelled to act as your personal assistants who are supposed to always speak in your favour…if you claim that news media are not neutral these days then you are the one who are responsible for this.