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Friday, July 2, 2010

And the Phoenix flies...

The girl of small town. The one who always believed in fairy tales. Who always hoped and wished she could become the Cinderella once. The girl who loved to dream. The Caring Mistress who always wanted to own a citadel of her own. The one who wanted to love and be loved for better and worse. The child who wanted to care her family like a mother. The girl who wanted to be the Phoenix for once in a life.

......once found herself in the midst of reality!!

It was not her nightmare…it was not something she could afford to witness even in her wildest dream…it was her long hidden fear…it was, this time, happened for true!

Scared for a long time by the terrible cloudburst, she thought the world outside her own-built castle of illusory dreams, has come to an end. Done with her fear, it was time for the Powerful Rebel staying inside her to come out to play. She crossed the threshold at last. With eyes closed, she stretched her hands wide and screamed aloud, ‘‘hit me hard…no matter how much you try I’m not gonna cry this time’’ Trembling with freeze, she tried to stand strong.

It was hard to be in the shield she made around herself. No matter how much she tried, with every blow of wind she lost control of her long protected ‘strength’…she hated to be revealed with her fragility.

But she knew whose conspiracy it was. It was ‘him’ who wanted her to be broken down…it was ‘him’ who wanted her to be revealed with all her weaknesses…it was ‘him’ who wanted to take away her strength. It was the one who threw herself to the land of ‘reality’…the one who made Cinderella to wait but never came back…she would not let him win this time.

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hitakshi said...

beautifully written ..............!!!!!! v impressive !!! kp up the good work !