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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quest of verve

After pondering over the sloth Adrika gathered all day, she decided to put some final touches on her lazy day canvas. Took a large mug of brewing coffee…threw herself over the cozy couch and sit by the window of her bed room…after all, nothing could possibly make her feel better than the sight of busy city folks on the runway, struggling to add more zeros on their pay cheques …Adrika was left with immense pleasure to realize that she found a place in the rare category of species who had to bear with boredom in a city full of industrious people…at least for one single day! Thanks to her generous land lady, she could manage a fine share of view of the city through her window glass…in fact she could afford some more thousands only for this (though by the grace of God, surprisingly she found herself sensible enough to not to articulate her thoughts to that money sucking witch).

Adrika fell in love with this city as soon as her flight landed here. But even before she could manage to get accustomed with the vibes, those huge monstrous high rise buildings with uncountable number of offices in each of it, crumbled her with despair. An underpaying job, colleagues who looked more like the werewolves, a boss who looked like a pimp…her job sucks big time! But it taught her the over practiced best excuse invented by the Association of ‘I hate my job’ Suckers to stand with the work… ‘I had no choice’… which she uttered at every morning before leaving for office to be blessed with the strength to cope up with her life.

But at night on her way to home…sleepy & tired…when she used to hear roars of waves thrashing down the shores of city, it seemed not so hard to learn to live in this place…to learn to ‘love’ this city.

She was left with despondency when people said she was never going to find a house of her choice…she was never going to find a place from where she could hear sound of the waves. Every body charged an earth for a sea facing two room flat (God, how she wished to get a millionaire boyfriend!). But then, this country is not devoid of stupid after all (though an alarming rate of lower productivity is visible nowadays). She met with this old widow money worshiper lady…who had at least one advantage for her…the lady was ‘dull’ enough to rent her heaven like flat to a low payment laborer.

So…at last…there was Adrika... took her first day off till she arrived here, to spend quality time with her new found home…after months of neck biting hard work, she decided to spend her day idle…with her cup of cappuccino she watched how the sea washed away defilement of the giant city with setting of the weary sun…who said this city is lifeless?


Ritendra said...

wow, great story....
wish sumday Adrika gets a millionaire bf or a gud job.

soham said...

simply d best!! just luvd it honey..

Arth said...

One single idle day..spend with coffee nd a view of 'this' city from the window outside..a lazyy obsession with a new home..I can see sm glimpses of W U Sidd in ur piece!!!!